About Us

We Believe that quality legal service must begin with an attorney's clear and frequent communication with his or her client, must include counseling by the attorney with regard to the law and legal process relevant to the client's legal matter, and must involve - at all stages - an ability of the lawyer to explain clearly the legal, economic and practical impact of each available course of action. We recognize that it is a core duty of our attorneys, as advocates, to allow our clients to make timely, informed decisions about their legal matters. This is true whether we are defending a lawsuit, prosecuting a lawsuit, or providing timely business, estate planning or other advice.

Each of our attorneys has years of experience in all aspects of our society's dispute resolution system. We have represented hundreds of clients in mediation and arbitration, and we have effectively negotiated settlements in hundreds of legal disputes informally. However, we do not allow the existence of these forms of "alternative dispute resolution" to overcome the reality that the court, judge and jury remain our society's principle means of resolving disputes. In litigation, therefore, we believe every case should be investigated and prepared for trial, which will result in a better resolution of the case should there be a way to achieve settlement.


Durham Law Offices PLLC provides the highest quality of legal services combined with exceptional customer service. We do this in the following ways:

We have a broad range of professional, educational and practical "real life" experience which gives us the perspective to provide meaningful legal guidance.

  • We work collaboratively so that when you hire any attorney in the firm, you have access to each of us and the benefit of our individual professional backgrounds
  • We keep our clients fully informed on a regular basis in each case * We promptly respond to client phone calls, letters and emails
  • We do not "double bill" and seek to avoid unnecessary costs in each case
  • We use all of the necessary legal office technology to keep pace with the large "downtown" law firms
  • We keep our overhead low and thereby set reasonable and flexible rates for our legal services